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Thank you for your interest in 2ndSun Photo. My approach to wedding photography is documentary style, which stems from my passion of and background in photojournalism. This means that instead of directing you, my goal is to capture the gestures, moments, and expressions of those participating in and witnessing your wedding day. I am an observer, a chameleon, quietly capturing timeless moments from a unique, artistic perspective. 

So, what exactly is photojournalism? Verbs. In one word, photojournalism is unique in that it is all about verbs. Most types of photography, traditional wedding portraiture included, are about nouns. While a traditional wedding photographer tends to focus on people and objects, I like to capture what’s happening to those people and objects. One benefit of capturing the verbs instead of just nouns is that the photo usually shows not only what people look like, but how they felt. A good photograph has an uncanny ability to transport the viewer back to a moment and those feelings associated with that moment. I often hear from wedding couples that the day just flew by and it wasn't until they got to look at their photos that they really got a sense of what the day entailed. Even people that weren't personally at a wedding tell me when they looked at my wedding images, they felt like they were there, which to me is the ultimate compliment. 

As a photojournalist, I believe one of my most important skills is my ability to adapt. It's more than just my ability to handle a wide variety of lighting conditions and environments. By adapting to your wedding day rather than forcing a particular style, my photos are able to show a true reflection of the essence of your wedding. As a result, every wedding I shoot and every album I make turns out unique. I understand the time and effort you put into making your wedding special to you, and I would like to help extend that to your photos. 

I often get asked what the name 2ndSun means. Well, I use natural light whenever I can, but when I must use a flash I use it in a way to imitate sunlight, hence the flash is my "2nd sun." The name also refers to me being the second son in my family. 

Speaking of family, you might say that creativity runs in my blood. My father is a gifted artist and chef, my older brother is a professional photographer, and my younger brother might be a photographer, too, once he finishes school (he's only seven). 

In my free time I enjoy traveling, cooking, ultimate frisbee, and shudokan karate, which I've been practicing for over a decade. I love what I do and do what I love! I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel, meet lots of great people, and help document a very special moment in their lives. 

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Craig Volpe 

2ndSun Photography 

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